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Timmy Tang is a young boy who goes to school in Hong Kong. He’s really looking forward to his school holiday. Why? Because he thinks he will be spending all of his time playing computer games. His mother has different ideas. She has arranged for Timmy to travel to England where she hopes he will have all kinds of different adventures. Timmy does not disappoint! No sooner has he arrived in England, he is eating fish and chips by the seaside,  Morris Dancing in an old English city, and chasing cheese down a very steep hill.


Who would not want to be Timmy Tang?

“Hello From Me” is an English reading programme developed by Typhoon Club for English Alliance 2017 / 2018 and 2018 / 2019. It is fully supported by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research and funded by the Language Fund.


P.4, P.5 and P.6 students from up to 42 local primary schools will participate in this dedicated two-year English learning programme where the specially commissioned Hello From Me storybook is supported by a variety of different lessons, an audiobook and videos.


"Very interesting idea to arouse pupils’ interest in English by talking about the culture of different places."

"Very insightful and well-structured presentation. Looking forward to seeing it in action and building upon it."

"I can’t wait to see how students will respond when they have the Hello From Me lesson. I’m quite sure they will love it!"

I think the topics and themes are very interesting for students. Students have to learn more about cultures from people around the world. I hope to see Tim Tang going to Germany, Iceland and Egypt some day!

Events & Workshops

World Book Day Fest 2018


Specially designed lessons from the Hello From Me programme will be implemented at the World Book Day Fest 2018 where participating students will also be provided with pre and post tasks relating to the Hello From Me storybook.

Professional Development


The Hello From Me programme began in mid-November 2017 when two professional development seminars were held for English teachers from participating primary schools. They were introduced to the overall concept of the programme, the themes of the Hello From Me storybook, and the lessons that will be implemented at their schools by Typhoon Club native English teachers.

Teacher comments from the professional development events held in November 2017.